HAA Technologies’ Values

HAA Technologies’ wide products’ profile is covering numerous industries that almost cover all the business sectors.


HAA Technologies Target Industries

HAA Technologies’ wide products’ profile is covering numerous industries that almost cover all the business sectors.

Mission & Vision & Objective

Our mission: We bring the finest technology products and services to the world, and to our exceptional customers.

The vision:To be a premium IT solutions provider with a clear focus on business.

The objective:HAA aims to provide well-designed and integrated products, accompanied with highly knowledgeable support, to its customers.


About Haa Group

HAA understands the complexity of Brand products and quality obstacles you can face in

Every situation that’s why since its very early stages we have satisfied customers in rapidly growing

there businesses by improving and supporting their hardware and maintenance services.

We have grown as a leader in offering brand products to small, medium, individuals and enormous

businesses in an unlimited range of industry sectors. We constantly reach new heights in both

customer service and service delivery.


About Haa Technologies

HAA Technologies Group was founded in 2011, HAA Technologies is recognized as one of the largest national hardware and software distributors today. Headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland, HAA provides highly innovative, reliable products and solutions to its customers. The company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.

Since inception, the company has grown commendably as a provider of excellent products, backed up with superb after sale service support system.

HAA carries IT products and services in the market with the finest value and quality.

HAA is a complex systems integrator who takes information from the ‘supplier partners’ to provide roadmaps for the ‘customer partners’ applications. HAA supports custom configuration and standardization efforts of major IT organizations. HAA provides core technology products and solutions for the paperless work environment (document storage and data archiving).

HAA offers a broad spectrum products and services,

HAA offers a variety of core technology Products and solutions from the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry like HP, Toshiba, IBM, ACER, McAfee, Microsoft, Symantec, Intel Premier and many more. With a strong foundation